Making a Way

If we ever want to rid ourselves of self, we better desire truth, knowledge and wisdom. Face the brutality of the mirror. Recognize the heart lies more often than we care to admit.

I recognize many feel the future is bleak. The brutal crowds clamoring, carrying pitchfork and fire, will clash. Coupled with rumors of war and tests of man’s integrity, battle lines rage.

In the midst of war, the internal yearning for peace never subsides. I cultivate that inner sanctuary with prayer. And I pray I remain in prayer, for forgiveness to rise. The sweet smell of grace, is where I will abide.

The hope I profess comes from the idea sins are carried generational. And lest I continually hang a man over and over, I remain conscious of behaviors and change my self accordingly. I practice compassion and mercy to the past and present so I can sing all is well my soul.

How will your New Year Ring? How fast will your dreamy eyes cloud over? Do not get drunk on a New Years high. But temper your self with study. History, as a discipline, is important in order to better ourselves.