Sacred Work

We all have a gift. Mine is not to be a doctor or a pilot or a lawyer. I am not a cog in the wheel. Nor do I turn as the sun dances with the moon. As Mary Oliver explains “In creative work — creative work of all kinds — those who are the world’s working artists are not trying to help the world go around, but forward.”

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful two hours with wonderful women, creating and laughing and being. It was a peaceful space and we feared letting go. But as stars explode, we were each sent in our respective directions. With duties to perform. Mine is to be in solitude. Alone, but not lonely. Taking care of the passion and spirit and wisdom l am honing. So I can return to the star and be. Be with others and bring them space to be.

Sometimes going forward means resting in mid-air. Searching where to land. Sometimes going forward rewinds the past so the path ahead straightens. Sometimes going forward only requires love. And love both turns and marches forward.