Every Child

Once upon a time… magic happened.

And I truly believe every child deserves to experience nature and man collide. I have a dream that someday I will be able to open the barn doors at Promise Gardens to suffering children. It is my lasting hope that carries me heavenward.

And with that, I can put the final touches on my children’s book. I have carried that book in the bosom of my soul since the fateful year, 1988. Every year since is spent absorbing the energy of life into word and picture. And a quilt to match.

The book and quilt have not been executed to a final product to be seen visually for good reason. I have been married for 32 years, have three grown children, lived and traveled far, and finally settled in a place where I have free reign to roam again. Just like I did on grandpa’s farm.

When all else is not taking up my attention, I put time into my project. But first, I must finish my expressive arts classes, get my REACE certificate and develop a plan for Promise Gardens to host children. And live my book. And hopefully make a hardcopy and cozy up under the quilted story.